Episode XIX: You can’t teabag an airblade

Al, Kitty, Ed and Katy play another round of The Weird Week That Was as well as discussing all manner of things, including Captain America: Civil War, why Ed thinks Shane was the good guy in The Walking Dead, Katy’s drawing being featured on the BBC Sport website, Shia Leboeuf deserving a punch in the face and the 12 year old girl that accidentally ran a half marathon!

Episode XVIII: What’s with China tonight?

Back from their “mid-season break”; our fearless hosts catch up about the big events in their lives including JP’s car crash and Al & Kitty’s filming of Pointless. Plus a change is made to The Weird Week That Was, adding a competitive element, highlighting stories about Chinese robots, Animals, Kids & more.

Episode XIV: Trumpy Bums & Scott Mills

AKA Al’s Solo Show! This week Ed’s ill, JP’s busy and Kitty’s exhausted… so Al tries to handle the entire show on his own. Needless to say it’s a little shorter than usual, but still chock full of content. There’s the GeekBlast, The Weird Week That Was and a very special treat, a decade old interview with Radio 1 DJ, Scott Mills!