Episode XXXII: I blame Rick & Paul

Episode XXXII: I blame Rick & Paul

This week our husband & wife duo are preparing for Valentines Day by discussing Meatloaf Hoagies, Wembley, Otters, Lion, John Wick and the weirdness that has been last weeks news.  Pepper spray on a toilet roll? Cocaine in Nesquik? Crashing your own funeral? Find out all about these oddities in The Weird Week That Was!

The Weird Week That Was

  • Wife crashes her own funeral, horrifying her husband, who had paid to have her killed – link

  • Fed-up girlfriend soaks toilet roll in pepper spray to get revenge on prankster partner – link

  • Man sues supermarket after finding cocaine in his Nesquik – link

  • Man Creates Tinder-Like Dating App Where He’s the Only Guy Available – link

  • Newspaper uses photo of Alec Baldwin on ‘SNL’ instead of Trump – link


Bonus Story

  • Florida Man Says He Stole $7 Billion Because Jesus Wants Him To Be Wealthy – link