Episode XXXIX: There would be only one Emu War

Episode XXXIX: There would be only one Emu War

The gang are back for Season 4! I say gang, but this week it’s just Al & Kitty; here to give you the weirdest news of the week. It’s all coin-tossing, duck quacking, Rice Krispie shooting fun. Plus there’s talk of talking toilets, vampires in the royal family, Mad Men, The Mummy and the Emu War.



  • Car horns should be replaced by duck quacks – link

  • Woman delays flight with ‘lucky’ coin-throw – link

  • California man believed dead is alive – family buries wrong person after mistake by coroner’s office – link
  • Man used shotgun shell full of Rice Krispies to shoot victim – link

  • This man had the chip from his travel card implanted under his skin – link


  • Sun-worshippers rub Coca-Cola over their bodies in dangerous quest for tan – link

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