Episode XXXV: Makes me want to try it

Episode XXXV: Makes me want to try it

Kitty wants to lick a Nintendo Switch cartridge, is still buzzing from playing with otters and has had problems on the busses. Al’s discussing his enjoyment of Logan & Lego Batman and his love of Fire Pro Wrestling. Plus they discuss the weirdest news stories of the week, the latest geek film & TV casting news and more!


  • In ‘Walden’ Video Game, the Challenge Is Stillness – link
  • Standing on an escalator is quicker than walking up one – here’s why – link
  • Man dies trying to switch off motorway billboard showing porn – link
  • Neighbours put up Christmas lights after elderly man sent ‘bullying’ letter – link
  • Russian ‘flower rentals’ for International Women’s Day – link


  • Donald Trump launches Irish ‘Make America Great Again’ hat – with one huge mistake – link

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