Episode XXXVIII: You don’t know where Wolverine’s claws have been

This week Al & Kitty are recording from their sofa as they discuss Al’s new glasses, the worst corner ever taken, headaches and all the usual weird news; which leads to the discussion of surgical procedures carried out by the X-Men. Plus a new feature, Firsts, where this week the duo discuss their first ever Park Run that they did last weekend.

Episode XXXVII: LIVE at the SuperPod

This past weekend the team took part in the 36 hour live podcasting event, the Southampton SuperPod! Listen back to our slot, recorded in front of a live studio audience, with all the usual features plus Kitty telling jokes by children, Ed telling his most favourite joke and a game of Obama Llama that pitted the team against audience members!

Episode XXXV: Makes me want to try it

Kitty wants to lick a Nintendo Switch cartridge, is still buzzing from playing with otters and has had problems on the busses. Al’s discussing his enjoyment of Logan & Lego Batman and his love of Fire Pro Wrestling. Plus they discuss the weirdest news stories of the week, the latest geek film & TV casting news and more!

Episode XXXII: I blame Rick & Paul

This week our husband & wife duo are preparing for Valentines Day by discussing Meatloaf Hoagies, Wembley, Otters, Lion, John Wick and the weirdness that has been last weeks news. Pepper spray on a toilet roll? Cocaine in Nesquick? Crashing your own funeral? Find out all about these oddities in The Weird Week That Was!

Episode XXX: Vince Vaughn befriends a fawn

Kitty, Ed & Al return for the first episode of 2017, discussing fancy dress, Patrick Clifton, smart homes, mugs and some of the films they’ve watched lately. Plus they play a game of Obama Lama, Al & Kitty’s new favourite board game. And to top it all off, five of the weirdest news stories from the past week, which will be crowned story of the week?