Society Members

Society Members

The following are the official members of the Dead Piett Society.


The main members of the society are the hosts:

Al “Bear” Galpin.  (@AlGalpin)

mini_04Al is the founding member of the Society and main host of our podcast. He’s a 30-something from Southampton, UK. He’s a former Hospital and University Radio DJ and holds a degree in Radio Production and Business Management. He’s the founder of Redbridge Raiders Softball Club, organiser of the Southampton SuperPod, a fan of Southampton FC and the Boston Red Sox and is interested in comics, movies, games and TV. You can find his personal blog here.

“The Man” Ed Sharples  (@EdSharps)

mini_03Ed, originally from Staffordshire, is an old friend of Al’s, dating back to their university days. He’s a Manchester United fan, but we don’t hold that against him, and holds interests in music, TV, games and film. He’s particularly fond of Rocky IV and trying to get mentioned on the BBC Sport website as often as possible.

Kitty Galpin  (@kitty_galpin)

mini_02Kitty, who is Al’s wife, is a tea drinking book lover from Cambridgeshire. An English graduate from the University of Winchester, Kitty is into gardening, writing, dogs and the Lego games. She is also the least willing podcast host in podcasting history, Al literally has to drag her to recordings.

John Paul O’Hare  (@jpoh86)

mini_01After getting a mention on every one of our first six episodes, JP finally stopped playing Battlefront long enough to join us in the studio for Episode VII and has become a semi-regular host ever since. He’s an Arsenal fan and has named one of his two cats Henry after the Arsenal legend.

Guests / Special Co-Hosts

These are the lucky few who have joined us in the studio for an episode!

Katy Jales

Ed’s other half, who stumbled into the studio while we were still recording one of our early episodes and ended up joining in. She returned to make a full co-host appearance on Episode 19!



These are the great guys and gals who have got to be members through contributing to the show in one way or another.

Jon Bailey

That great booming voice you hear at the beginning of our shows is Jon Bailey, the voice of Honest Trailers. He’s also the Harrison Ford impression you will hear occasionally when Ed is on the show. Check out his YouTube Channel.


A group from New York that make energetic 8-bit Indy Rock, such as their track “Helix Nebula” which became our theme music after Episode 11. Check out the album it comes from, Power Supply, which is available on the Free Music Archive.

Power Supply (Anamanaguchi) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Rasel Tokwa

The man responsible for the 8-bit pixel portraits of the team, Rasel offers his services to anyone on his Fiverr page.

Scheiffer Bates

Scheiffer is a brilliant impressionist, the man behind the Stewie Griffin voice we use to taunt Kitty with. He also had his own TV special on E4! Check out his YouTube Channel.

Evan Ferrante

Also known as “Not Tom Cruise”, Evan is a brilliant Tom Cruise impersonator. And it’s not just the voice, he looks the part too. Evan is responsible for the voicemail to Al that you occasionally hear on the show. Want your own personalised message from Evan? Check out his gigs on Fiverr.


The man responsible for the awesome Chris Rock voice we’ve used to taunt JP with is simply known as Soundalikes. You can get him to record something for you over on Fiverr.

Jenni Monday

Jenni is the female voice you’ll hear reading out our contact details when Al can’t be bothered to read them himself! Jenni is a singer and voice over artist, you may have heard her voice on BBC Radio One. Check out her YouTube Channel.

Wes Thompson

The male voice you hear introducing our features is Wes, a Radio DJ and fellow podcaster. Wes suffers from MS and in his podcast he’s aiming to interview an MS sufferer from each of the 69 cities in the UK. You can listen to the MS Around the UK podcast here.