We need YOU!

We need YOU!

and you and you and… ba ba bahhhhhh…

Wait, that feels inappropriate. Let’s start again.

The Dead Piett Society needs YOU!

We know you’ve missed us in the weeks, neigh months, that we’ve been away. There are many reasons for our absence, and I’m sure we’ll touch on them when we kick off Season 4 in the next week or two.

Yes, we’re coming back with our signature¬†“we’ve been on a long break, let’s call this a new season” style. And this time it’s more than just a number, there are changes afoot in the society.

Our little podcast has grown and changed from our initial set up, and we’re looking to get a solid format laid down and a focus on a specific area. Before we’ve discussed geek news, done mini reviews and then done our look at the weeks weird news. You have to admit, that’s a little bit of a random mix.

So we’re going all in on weird.

The Weird Week That Was will become our main focus, but now we’re going to intersperse the stories throughout the show and surround them with some new features. We’ll talk about some odd moments in history, we’ll play games to see if the team can tell real strange facts from made up ones and we’ll hear weird stories from the team and from YOU!

Yes, finally, I got to the bit where you come in.

We need you, our wonderful fans begrudging listeners, to tell us your own tales of the odd. Maybe you saw something funny on the bus this week, maybe something peculiar once happened to you at the office. Whatever it might be, we want to hear about it.

If your story can be told in 140 characters, tweet us @deadpiettsoc. If you need more words you can email us, studio@deadpiettsociety.com. And if you really need to be heard then leave us a voicemail of your story on 02380 971 030, or Skype “DeadPiettSoc”. If your stories are odd enough then we’ll mention them on the show.

If you submit a story to us please let us know if you’d be willing to come on the show and tell us more about it over the phone. Because, let’s be honest, we’re going to have questions for you…